About Us

Designer Denise Dickens and models after a photo shoot
Denise at the end of a photo shoot.
None of these ageless 50-70 year old women is a professional model.

Denise C. Dickens has been working in design and the creative arts for over 25 years. When she started designing women’s clothing in 2002, as Outside Designworks™, it was because she found the market lacking stylish designs that were suitable for her.

"We baby boomers are not giving up. We need easy silhouettes, but they can’t be drab or dowdy. I was always looking for the perfect coat or jacket to go with my favorite pants. Something that had color and style, that could keep me warm, or dry, or covered up when on the beach. I figured that other women must be looking for (and not finding) the same thing too."

The result was Outside Designworks™. It is outerwear cut to flatter a woman’s body and created in fabrics that are luxurious, yet easy to care for and durable for travel.

Always looking to expand her category, Denise added a mens raincoat to her collection in 2018. "I see men at my shows who would like the same attention to design, detail and fabric."

Outside Designworks™ is a Washington, DC based company that specializes in outerwear for all seasons. The rainwear line is available year round online and is designed to be truly waterproof in five different styles. The other collections are either one-of-a-kind or available in very limited numbers, as the fabrics chosen are bought in small amounts.

The showcase clothing is either part of a limited collection or a one-of-a-kind design. Please contact me directly for availability, size and pricing at dickens@outsidedesignworks.com.