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Outer Waterproof Color
Inner Cotton Print
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Rainwraps: Back Coated Nylon Lined in Cotton with Rainhat

My very clever daughter was the first one to draw my attention to expanding my wrap collection to rainwear. It was a natural evolvement especially as so many sporting venues now prevent entry with an umbrella.

Like the other wraps, these are a one size fits most, available in three outer colors and two cottons to reverse.

We use two matching buttons in red, black, and blue for the rainwraps. Unbuttoned and folded it becomes a dry seat cushion in a stadium. Buttoned over the shoulder it gives greater coverage while buttoned in front more protection for your arms.

While the rainwrap is one size fits most, we offer the rainhats to match in either small/medium or large/extra large. Please check the rainhat fit chart to determine your best choice.

  • One Size Fits Most Size Chart
  • Rainhat in sm/med and lg/xl Hat Size Chart
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • First Choose the Outer Waterproof Coat Color:
    RWN 1016A
    RWN 1016C
    RWN 1016B
    Then Choose Your Inner Cotton Print:
    Black Sq on White
    RWNI 1016A
    White Sq on Black
    RWNI 1016B