Outside DesignWorks

        Textiles of all kinds inspire me. In fact, I fall in love with fabrics and then decide what they want to be. This is what got me in trouble when I discovered Ikat in Istanbul in 2015 and later when I decided certain woven upholstery fabrics made spectacular, reversible jackets.

         Textiles are always interesting because you never know exactly what you will come up with in the end. Designing one-of-a-kind and very limited production garments allows me this discovery and experimentation. Selecting just the right button or snap and varying them in a collection is also a hallmark for Outside Designworks™.

         For me, it's all about trying to make a statement with color, pattern or texture. And at the same time make clothing that my customer wants to wear day in and day out. Clothing that is not only comfortable and elegant but fashion forward with precise tailoring, fit and attention to detail. I owe this last bit to the talented stitchers working with me in my workroom in Washington, DC.

         Contact me directly at dickens@outsidedesignworks.com. for sizing, price and availability for any of the garments in this showcase.